Meet Shared Action – Miguel Bujanda

1. How did you get started working in the HIV/AIDS community?

I started my work in HIV Prevention and Education at a local community organization that worked with Latino Youth in East Los Angeles. I just graduated from high school and recently come out as a gay man. I was looking for a place to belong to. I started attending several discussion groups and eventually asked if I could help conduct outreach. I had found a great way to meet people and give back to the community that I belonged to and care for.


2. Tell us about your position at Shared Action & Shared Action HD.

I have worked in the HIV Prevention field for almost 15 years. From delivering direct prevention services to clients to evidence based research. I am currently a CBA Specialist at Shared Action. I provide skill building trainings and provide technical assistance to CDC funded organizations to build capacity. I am also trained in DEBIs. I am a trainer for PCC and ARTAS and have experience working and providing capacity building with CTR, POL, MPowerment, Community Promise and CRCS.


3. What is your vision for CBA?

Capacity Building is very important to HIV Programs around the country. I have always envisioned CBA for HIV Programs to be a great way of reevaluating great programs with experts from the community and developing collaborations with other organizations around the country.


4. Tell us about a particular experience or case you’ve worked on that stood out to you. What made it stand out?

As one of the Trainers for Personalized Cognitive Counseling, I have had the opportunity to speak to many organizations that are currently in the pre-implementation phase of PCC. There are many common questions that come up. In addition to being a trainer, as part of Shared Action, we can also provide Technical Assistance to all organizations that may need assistance. Some of the challenges that have come up are in regards to adaptation of PCC to other communities, especially in Spanish. Other times it is about integrating PCC into their current CTR programs. Since PCC requires a very specific target population, I found that many organizations are having a hard time meeting contractual objectives when there are 2- 3 other interventions utilized for HIV Testing. I have been working with several organizations and having great conversations with organizations that have been able to successfully implements and streamlined the flow of service and other organizations that continue to work towards perfecting the flow.

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