Meet Shared Action – Jin Ahn

How did you get started working in the HIV/AIDS community?

I started to work in HIV/AIDS community as graphic design and web consultant here at APLA for the capacity building program: Shared Action and Shared Action HD.

Tell us about your position at Shared Action & Shared Action HD.

I currently work as the Capacity Building Assistance Specialist, Information and Communication Technology of AIDS Project Los Angeles’ CBA programs, Shared Action and Shared Action HD under the supervision of the CBA Coordinator for Information and Technology Transfer. I am in charge of developing and accessing new technologies for the improvement of capacity building in HIV prevention (e.g., CBA website, development of online trainings).

What is your vision for CBA?

Bridging the gap between CBOs and HDs.

Tell us about a particular experience or case you have worked on that stood out to you. What made it stand out?

Designing the brand identity: Shared Action and Shared Action HD.

The meaning of the brand identity for the program was very similar to my own core belief about reciprocal learning. It is very important for individuals to give back to the community, the knowledge that you have gained from education and experience.



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