New Training – Transgender Basics: Laying the Foundation for Continuous Learning

New TrainingTransgender Basics:  Laying the Foundation for Continuous Learning

Shared Action is collaborating with the Center of Excellence and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to develop and deliver a Transgender Basics training.  This half day training, as the title suggests, is an introduction to the topic of transgender health; in particular the transgender population and HIV. While this curriculum is designed to provide information and teach skills that will be immediately applicable to people who work in the field of HIV, it is also meant to be a jumping off point for those who wish to learn more.  The content of the training is basic and foundational, and meant for those who have little knowledge about the transgender population.

Who should attend?

This training is most appropriate for people who are new to understanding or working with transgender people.  However, this training is still relevant for those who do have significant experience working with transgender people, since many people may have “expertise” with only a subset of the transgender community (e.g. transgender women who are sex-workers), and may benefit from learning about other subsets of the community.  Additionally, many people who may consider themselves to be experts in transgender health may not have previously had the opportunity to discuss what they know and to learn from others in a training setting; rather they may have been “thrown into” their jobs and learned by doing.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize common terms that transgender people may use to describe themselves
  • Name at least 3 health inequities that impact transgender people
  • Articulate the risk factors and social determinants that fuel these inequities
  • Expand awareness of transgender people as resilient and strong in the face of adversity, discrimination, and oppression
  • List a minimum of 3 best practices that an organization can institute to be more transgender competent

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