Social Media Evaluation Tools

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website is an excellent resource for HIV prevention resources.  Specifically, I’d like to highlight their resources on Social Media Evaluation Tools.   In particular, CDC’s National Prevention Information Network’s (NPIN) launched a Webcast Series earlier this year.  The series, “In the Know:  Social Media for Public Health,” consisted of six webinars hosted from February through June 2013.  The topics included:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn & Slideshare
  • Gaming & Mobile
  • Facebook & Image Sharing
  • Google+ and YouTube
  • Measurement & Evaluation

If you missed the series, copies of the slides and recordings can be found at:

Especially helpful was the last webinar on Measurement & Evaluation.  While many organizations launch social media campaigns, there are often a lot of questions from funders and the community around how effective these campaigns can be.  In order to demonstrate effectiveness or the reach of a campaign a good evaluation plan is needed.  The webinar covered important standards to consider when setting up your social media evaluation plan, and then went into detail about what tools are available to help you track your social media campaign.  If you currently are using social media like Facebook or Twitter, I highly encourage you to watch the recording of the webcast.

Additional tools for evaluating Social Media are listed below:

  • Effective Intervention’s website:

  • CDC’s Social Media Tools, Guidelines & Best Practices

  • National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) Social Media Tool Kit


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