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PrEP or (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a common buzz word in the HIV prevention field lately as it is a biomedical HIV prevention strategy that is in line with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and CDC’s High Impact HIV Prevention guidelines.  While conducting our capacity building work, we have noticed an increase in inquires around PrEP.  Below is a list of resources for understanding more about PrEP that we at Shared Action have come across in the last year.

First, we at Shared Action have created a short informational fact sheet on PrEP, which can be accessed here:

Another resource is  This interactive website is the product of collaboration from San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco Department of Public Health, Project Inform, Be The Generation, other health agencies, and community-based providers.  The website has multiple webpages with more detail regarding PrEP including:

  • An Overview of PrEP
  • Previous Research
  • Facts
  • Common Questions
  • And More!

When looking for information, we always recommend going directly to the source.  Gilead, the pharmaceutical who makes Truvada for PrEP has their own webpage.  This site has all of the technical information on the drug and PrEP including research, safety information, and facts.

Last but not least, the CDC’s website contains its own information page on PrEP.  It includes fact sheets, press releases, and current research on PrEP.

Do you have a resource you prefer to use when seeking information on PrEP?  Please share it in the comments!

-Andi Zaverl

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