2013 National Transgender Health Summit

Combining the expertise of the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the National Transgender Health Summit will provide an exceptional educational forum for disseminating cutting edge research and increasing clinical skills among health care professionals of all backgrounds.

We invite health care providers, health and human service professionals, mental health professionals, health administrators, researchers, students and advocates to attend this groundbreaking Summit. Programming will include plenary sessions by world-renowned experts in the field of transgender health care, training tracks for medical and mental health care providers interested in building their skills for working with transgender patients and clients, a research track for the dissemination of cutting edge developments in the field of transgender health, and a transgender health policy institute.


In the past three months two of my friends passed away. Both of them were trans women of color. Both of them had lung related conditions. Neither one of them had regular medical care to manage their conditions nor reliable health support systems. It is evident that transgender people experience health disparities due to various reasons including lack of access to quality health care and fear of accessing care due to previous negative experiences. The 2013 National Transgender Health Summit provides exceptional learning opportunities for clinicians and health care professionals to better address transgender health care issues among others. The summit will be held on May 17-18, 2013 in Oakland, CA. Please visit (http://transhealth.ucsf.edu/trans?page=ev-summit2-program) to register and learn more about the summit.

-Jordan Blaza

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