Routine Testing – USCA

This year at USCA 2012 I had a chance to sit in on a very interesting presentation about Routine HIV Testing in the Southern California Area. Altamed Health Services was recently awarded funds to provide HIV Testing in clinics. What makes this so special? Altamed is a Federally Qualified Health Center adopted the CDC Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, Adolescents and Pregnant Women in Health-Care settings in 2011. By doing so, they have incorporated HIV Testing as part of the standards tests for all patients in clinics. HIV Testing will be conducted along with, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Altamed developed some Universal HIV Testing Goals. They systematize routine HIV Testing across its 22 Health Clinics in Southern California to increase the number of HIV screens and link newly identified HIV+ individuals into medical care. In addition to this, they would also develop a replicable model for other community health centers across the nation. Altamed’s presentation highlights some of the challenges and barriers that they encounters when implementing this complex program. They discussed the challenges of learning the essential electronic health record modifications to systematize routine HIV testing and having develop corporate-wide training strategies using videos to conduct these training.


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