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New Educational Materials Series – Understanding Logic Models for HIV/AIDS Programs

“What is a logic model?”

“Why should my HIV/AIDS prevention program develop a logic model or revisit our already developed model?”

“Are logic models really that important?”

“How do I effectively use a logic model to help my program?”


Shared Action has recently developed a series of educational materials to help you answer these questions and improve your program.

If you have the time, we highly recommend watching the recording of our webinar on the topic here. Slides for the webinar are located here.

We also developed a technical bulletin to supplement the information in the webinar. Give it a read and see why developing a logic model is integral to a successful HIV/AIDS prevention program! We are currently developing two additional technical bulletins on how to develop a logic  model for your program, so please check back for when we release these materials.

You can find more educational materials by visiting our websites, and, under the Program Toolkit section.